George’s Phyllo-Wrapped Chicken Recipe

George’s Phyllo Wrapped Chicken

Who doesn’t love flaky phyllo with tangy feta and Parmesan cheese? Now you can enjoy the recipe George, the second son in The Classic Grill – A Tale of Greek Gods and Immigrant Heroes created from his own imagination. Too bad his hard-boiled father Achilles believed Americans wouldn’t like the recipe  because it included phyllo dough.

Well, maybe the general population in the 1940s wasn’t familiar with phyllo, but today lovers of Greek food everywhere are in tune with the crispy, light crunch phyllo adds to a recipe. Include phyllo in a main dish (like this recipe) or dessert like Baklava.

I hope you can experiment with George’s recipe. And the more you work with phyllo dough – the easier it becomes! I love this dish as an appetizer or a main course. Kali orexi! Good appetite to you all!

Get the recipe: George’s-Phyllo-Wrapped-Chicken-Recipe_3

This recipe was created by Chef Timothy Garrow.  Photo by Nancy Econome

Make Phyllo Wrapped Chicken as an appetizer or main dish