Chicken Fricassee Recipe

In the novel, The Classic Grill – A Tale of Greek Gods and Immigrant Heroes, second son George tries to recreate his father’s Lamb Fricassee recipe. Fricassee is a classic stew featuring lamb or chicken and vegetables in a thick, creamy sauce. A Fricassee was often featured on menus during the 1930s and 1940s.

Since many people have moved to eating less red meat, this recipe features a delectable Chicken Fricassee…a little lighter than the lamb version but still rich and creamy.

Kali Orexi – Good Appetite to you all!

This recipe and photo were created by Chef Timothy Garrow.

Get recipe here: Chicken Fricassee_The_Classic_Grill_©

Rich and creamy, Chicken Fricassee is a classic main dish.